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Attorney Melchionne Quizzed On Increase In Completed Foreclosures

Remember all those foreclosures filed in November and December 2013? Well they have completed now and banks have repossessed houses in Connecticut in record numbers last month. The statistics kept by RealtyTrac showed that Connecticut suffered a 44% increase in homes Read the newspaper article where Gene Melchionne was quizzed on the reason for the increase here.

Attorney Melchionne Profiled in Article on Foreclosure Assistance Program

The State of Connecticut has a new program in Waterbury offering free information and advice from lawyers for consumers in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. The Waterbury Judicial District is the latest additional to he program which has been holding sessions in Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford and New London. Attorney Melchionne is one of the volunteers recruited by the Connecticut Fair Housing Center. The Waterbury a paper talked to him in an effort to get the news out that this free program is available to all without regard to income qualification. Review the article here.

Attorney Melchionne Interviewed on Increase in Foreclosure Filings

Filings of new foreclosure cases spiked in November leading to a huge increase in the numbers of families who stand to lose their homes The statistics kept by RealtyTrac showed that Connecticut suffered an unusual increase in foreclosures right before the holidays and the Waterbury newspaper wanted to know why. Read the article here.